"SABOTAGE  SHOW" introducing you the most splendid show ever seen in your life!
We are intiving you to share whith us this journey to the world of beautiful sounds,rhythm and high quality performance.

"SABOTAGE" is the mix of feelings,new waves of music,dance, theatre elements and spectacular acrobatic  effects gathering in one big sparkling awesome show ever.
Our show is bulit up from professional work team,acting,skills, amazing costumes and hi-techs.
There are a lot of dance styles are performing on our show from classic ballet,jazz,funk and etc.

"SABOTAGE" team are introducing you very exciting and deeply emotional world of art on the stage.
Every performance has its own scene line that leads you to explore and discover the world of endless imaginations and experience.

"SABOTAGE" artists are participating in many famous events  in Israel concerts,ceremonies and very popular TV shows.


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